Smile Cutiepie!
~My Sunshines: My Muupi, Java, Socky Boo, Cookies ~
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tHE FrIGGin wATER ThouGh!!!!

I love that tree because it really reminds me of fairytales. :)

I literally screamed, OH SHIT. When I clicked the kiss button because i’m used to sims 3, and their relationship bar wasn’t as high… But I should’ve known my lady couldn’t be rejected.

idjits omfgggg


Meanwhile, inside the castle….

No clue why this citizen was giving a stink face… Clearly she doesn’t respect all that I do for this town. 

I’m kind of obsessed with this section

To say I haven’t had to edit photo’s in a while, i’m really proud of myself. *proeditorrighthere*